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Grill Master’s Club is a subscription service perfect for the barbecue/grilling enthusiast! All of the items are curated by their certified BBQ judge.

What Do You Get?

Every box ships with four to five items in it. These items include barbecue sauces, rubs, wood chips, recipes and producGrill Master Clubt info, and what they call Chef’s Choice. The combination of items varies from box to box.

None of the products you receive are big name products. They are from small business around the US. This gives you the chance to sample a variety of things you normally wouldn’t be able to get in your local stores.

The wood chips you receive come from a variety of different sources of wood. The can include everything from plain tree woods like oak or cherry, to whiskey and wine barrels to get all kinds of different flavors.

Sauces included in the box range from mild to spicy and all kinds of different flavors. Some of them have some downright amusing names such as the asskickin’ line of sauces.

The rubs you get with your box are as varied as the sauces and of equally high quality.

The Chef’s Choice item can be any number of things. It could be another sauce, a BBQ accessory, or even a snack like some jerky. It is selected by their certified BBQ judge.

Also included in the box is a recipe/product info card. On one side of the card is a recipe that uses the items included in that month’s box. On the flip side of the card is all of the company and product info for each item you received that month.

How Much Does All This Cost?

Grill Master’s Club has multiple subscription options and the price per box varies depending on which one you select.

The 1-month subscription is $32.95/month and has the highest price per box.

The 3-month and 6-month subscriptions are both $29.95/month.

The 12-month subscription is $27.95/month and has the lowest price per box cost of the 4 options.

Boxes ship out on the 7th of each month and you need to order by the 4th to get that month’s box. If you order after the 4th, you won’t get your box until the following month.

One thing to keep in mind, all subscriptions are recurring subscriptions and will renew at the end of the time period you selected. If you are on the month to month plan, you will get billed the 15th of each month. If you are on the 6-month subscription, you will get billed on the 15th after receiving your 6th box.

You can subscribe by clicking here.

Great Community

As an extra added value, in addition to your monthly box of great BBQ products, you also get access to the Grill Master’s Club community as well.

They have a new recipe each week and upload a video every other week.

There is a private Facebook page exclusive to Grill Master’s Club members.

They offer discounts on a variety of brands of BBQ products.

Fire Up Your Grill

Grill Master’s Club is great for BBQ enthusiasts ranging from beginners to pit masters. A subscription makes a great gift or treat for yourself. Now, will you like everything you get? No, people’s tastes vary and somethings just won’t be to your liking no matter what quality it is. But I believe that you will enjoy the vast majority of products you receive.

I consider a subscription a must have!

Enjoy and please leave any comments below.





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